Vaccinate Us: A Prayer for Healing from Hate

As our world suffers,
sickened by this virus - we pray:

Inoculate our hearts with fortitude
            to dismantle systemic racism
Inject our souls with compassion to love
            and then to love harder
Mitigate our structures of power
            against abuse, exploitation, and violence.
Protect our siblings, among us and beyond,
            beloved humans who lay bleeding in our streets

Strengthen those wearied by oppression,
            with renewed energy, tenacity, hope and rest.

Fortify our hearts to listen deeply and amplify the voices    
            of Black people
            of Brown people
            of Indigenous people everywhere

Immunize us, O Source of Healing,
Immunize us against this viral historic hate,
Course through our veins courage and conviction
           to reckon with our implicit bias
           to apologize for our role in the pain
           to fight to end this oppression
Vaccinate us, vaccinate us, O Source of Healing
          with the sacred power of love.