Rabbi Steven Moskowitz

Rabbi Steven Moskowitz is the rabbi of Congregation L’Dor V’Dor, which serves the North Shore of Long Island. He blogs at rabbimoskowitz.com.

Torah Cannot be Torah Without Us

Rabbi Steven Moskowitz
Torah cannot be Torah without us; it needs us. Therefore, we must read it, we must study it, we must discuss it and debate it. We must carry it. We must dance among its verses, discovering ourselves in its chapters.

Want to Change the World? Learn From Your Kids

Rabbi Steven Moskowitz
June 24, 2016

I have had many conversations with my children about their lesbian and gay friends, and I marvel at their acceptance, their nonchalance in the face of such an historic shift. Theirs is a world in which friends can come out (mostly) without fear. Theirs is a world in which high school clubs are devoted to LGBTQ rights, and whose members’ ears are attuned to harmful words leveled against gays and lesbians.  Their mouths are primed to defend their friends’ rights to be who they genuinely are, to be authentic to their truest selves.

How the Torah Sets the Stage for Real-Life Struggle

Rabbi Steven Moskowitz
August 7, 2015

Real Torah is about preparation.

Take Moses’ life as an example. First of all, Moses does not even begin his true calling until, at the age of 80, he leads the people from Egypt. We know incomparably little about his first 80 years.