Robin Nafshi

Rabbi Robin Nafshi serves as the rabbi of Temple Beth Jacob in Concord, New Hampshire, where her partner, Shira Nafshi, serves as the part-time cantor. They are the parents of Liba, who brings them much joy.

Ki Tavo: The Power of a Story

D'Var Torah By: Shira Milgrom

August 20, 2014
Long ago, in the days when we were farmers and shepherds in the Land of Israel, the Torah taught us that when we harvested our crops, we were to put the first fruits of our harvest in a basket and bring it as an offering to God. In this passage...

Between Winds of Fear and the Gift of Rains

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Naamah Kelman

October 9, 2012
The last parashah of the Book of Leviticus offers a kind of coda to this Torat Kohanim, " Torah of the priests." One might say that it draws to an inauspicious close, very different from the other books of our Bible.