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Leviticus 26:3-27:34

When Is B'chukotai Read?

/ 24 Iyar 5784
/ 22 Iyar 5787


  • God promises blessings to the Children of Israel if they follow the law and warns about the curses that will befall the people if they do not observe God's commandments. (26:1-46)
  • Gifts made to the Sanctuary whether by conditional vows or by unconditional acts of pious gratitude are discussed. (27:1-34)

Ten Minutes of Torah: B'chukotai Commentary

Torah Portion

Making Room for the New

By: Rabbi Esther L. Lederman

Early in this week's parashah, we encounter the following phrase: V'yashan mipnei chadash totziu - You shall have to clear out the old to make room for the new.

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Parshat Bechukotai: What Happens When We Break The Covenant

You probably already know that the Torah isn't all rainbows and angels. Mirroring the angry tone of this week's Torah story, BimBam gets kinda dark and cranky for a change. Jeremiah Lockwood sets the scene with moody guitars and a voice that draws you in...to vengeance. Enjoy this video and others with Bimbam.

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