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A Prayer for Passover in the Era of COVID-19

A Prayer for Passover in the Era of COVID-19

Closeup of hands holding a Haggadah with a glass of white wine in view

Source of Blessing:
Our lives are in turmoil
our hearts heavy
help us to cope
with this modern plague
we are worried for our families,
we are concerned for our communities,
our world is on the brink. 
           Bless us with strength.

Source of Mercy: 
We pray for courage
to stay strong
for those in our care,
and for ourselves.
We pray for insight
to act in loving ways
to keep our communities safe.
            Bless us with strength.

Source of Hope:
We pray for those
who are at greatest risk
vulnerable and scared
isolated and lonely,
and for those heroes
leading on the front lines
who keep us alive and fed.
            Bless us with strength.

Source of Life:
Throughout history
our people has faced plagues,
forced expulsions, slavery,
exile and extermination.
We have walked in narrow places
wandered many deserts
Sustain us now,
            Bless us with strength

Source of Love:
We celebrate our fortitude 
our shared history
the traditions which
have gifted us the DNA,
spiritual armor
to overcome
this modern imprisonment.
            Bless us with strength.

Source of Healing:
We give thanks for the gifts
sometimes taken for granted
our homes, our families,
friends, communities,
We are blessed to connect with
technology and computers.
May we honor this sharing.
            Bless us with strength.

Source of Courage:
Quell our anxiety,
keep us safe
help us continue to pray
sing and study
We see the light of redemption
Just beyond the horizon.
Let us virtually join hands
and march together
towards the promised land.
            Bless us with freedom.


Rabbinic Pastor/Cantor Lisa Levine is a composer, author, poet and recording artist who serves as a chaplain in Montgomery County, MD, and will soon be the artist-in-residence at Temple Rodeph Torah in  Marlboro, N.J. She is the co-president of the Rabbinic Pastors Association, chaplain with the American Conference of Cantors’ Kehillah Quick Connection Program as well as National Carer Hotline through Community Care Chaplains. Learn more at, or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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