8 Great Jewish Apps for Hanukkah

November 27, 2013Greg Kellner

Need a last-minute Hanukkah present for the technology-lover in your life? Apps make great, fun gifts, and if they’re not free, they’re usually only about as expensive as a pair of socks. Brighten your holiday with these eight great Jewish apps – one for every night of of the Festival of Lights – chosen by the staff of URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, a Reform Jewish summer camp specializing in science and technology. Celebrate Hanukkah the Sci-Tech way!

  1. Super Dreidel: Don’t have a dreidel on hand? No fear – Super Dreidel is here! This app provides two different styles of dreidel game play and can track the gelt of up to eight people. Perfect for your next spontaneous Hanukkah party! (For all ages; iPhone and iPad)
  2. Chanukah Menorah App: Light this virtual menorah each night, no matches necessary! This app also includes the appropriate prayers for each night, and traditional songs, as well. (For all ages; Android)
  3. JewDoku: A mix between Jewish trivia and the ever-popular Sudoku, this app gives you a Jewish trivia question before you fill in the grid with numbers 1-9. (For pre-teens and teens; iPhone and iPad)
  4. PocketTorah: The perfect app for the bar/bat Mitzvah student, PocketTorah has the entire Torah installed on your phone! With one push, hear the portion chanted – and the Haftarah, too. With a swipe, transfer between Hebrew with and without the vowels. English translation and links to modern commentaries are included. (For pre-teens and teens; iPhone, iPad, and Android)
  5. The Mitzvah Hunt: This app allows kids to record good deeds they see every day. Creating an attitude of gratitude, kids learn about the commandment to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (For young children; iPad)
  6. Amazing Jewish Fact-a-Day Calendar: Learn interesting facts about Jewish history, Jewish inventors, Jewish geography, and even Jewish humor! Each fact provides links for even more information. (For pre-teens and teens; Android)
  7. Leviticus!: Styled after Fruit Ninja, players have to swipe the right animals for the priestly sacrifices in this irreverent, Bible-based game. (For pre-teens and teens; iPhone and iPad)
  8. Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends: A deep collection of stories adapted from great sources of Jewish wisdom – the Midrash and Talmud. Common fairy-tale themes with a true Jewish spin! (For young children; Android)

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