Hamantaschen Guide

History of Hamantaschen and Hamantaschen Recipes

Hamantaschen have become the most recognizable food associated with the holiday of Purim.

Where Do Hamantaschen Come From?

There is a German dessert called mohntaschen, which translates to "poppy pockets." Hamantaschen is a portmanteau of "Haman," the name of the villain of the Book of Esther, and mohntaschen. This is also why poppyseed is the classic filling of hamantaschen.

The iconic three-cornered shape of the cookie is said to represent Haman's ears. The Hebrew for hamantaschen is oznei Haman, which means "Haman's ears."

The singular of hamantaschen is hamantasch. Hamantaschen can be savory or sweet, filled with just about anything.

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