18 Israeli Recipes for Independence Day

Deborah Rood Goldman

As a stream of Israeli chefs continue to achieve renown in the food world by creating exciting new dishes and re-creating tried and true favorites, Israeli food has developed into one of the world’s most vibrant and eclectic cuisines, explains food expert Tina Wasserman.  

I’m a lover of hummus and pita, and in addition to trying the five varieties below, I enjoy creating my own flavors, including zesty lemon. If I’m rushed, I generally use canned chickpeas, but when I have time, I presoak dried chickpeas overnight. That extra step changes the hummus entirely!  

Choose from among these 18 recipes to add an Israeli twist to your Independence Day – and to enjoy all summer long. 

Dips and Chips

  1. 5 Hummus Variations
  2. Homemade Pita Chips with Za'atar
  3. Laffa Bread
  4. Spicy Matboucha
  5. Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant with Tahini)

Soups and Salads

  1. Watermelon Gazpacho
  2. Orange and Fennel Salad
  3. Israeli Green Salad with Strawberries


  1. Ktzitzot: Israeli Chicken Patties
  2. Carnatzlach
  3. Israeli Fish Kebabs with Yellow Tahini Yogurt Sauce
  4. Moroccan Chicken Kebabs

Vegetarian Entrées

  1. Ethiopian Spiced Black Beans
  2. Eggplant Baladi
  3. Stuffed Peppers with Rice


  1. Israeli Birthday Cake
  2. Techina Cookies
  3. Chocolate Babka