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How prevalent is divorce within the Jewish community, and how does the rate compare with divorce in the general population?

The eight Transitions & Celebrations: Jewish Life Cycle Guides are intended to be helpful in celebrating and observing the most important Jewish life cycle events. Each guide includes a section of Frequently Asked Questions, Jewish values and traditions relative to the life cycle event, a step-by-step how-to-do the event, a full glossary of Hebrew (with some Yiddish and Aramaic) terms relative to the event, and recommended resources

In consultation with a child development expert and depending on children’s developmental and emotional needs, spouses should agree on how and when they will explain their divorce to their children and how they will relate to their children following the announcement.

Few events in life are as destabilizing, disappointing, painful, or sad as divorce. When a couple marries, neither expects the marriage to end in divorce. Read about the Reform Jewish perspective on legitimate grounds for divorce and answers to your questions about the process.

Today, the Reform Movement in the United States accepts civil divorce as completely dissolving the marriage and permitting the remarriage of the divorced persons. No get or any substitute form of religious divorce is required.

I thought I had a happy marriage to a devoted and honest husband. I did not know, then, that he had a secret life.

"When a man divorces the wife of his youth, even the altar of God sheds tears." (Gittin 90b)

As Jews, we affirm the concept of marriage as holiness, kiddushin. However, we wisely do not preserve the legal family at all costs. Mosaic law does not subscribe to the view that "what therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder." When the basic ingredients of love, communication, respect, and emotional support are missing, this holy union is terminable. Divorce may be a tragedy, but if the marriage is a mere formality -- an empty form devoid of spirituality -- preserving it is pointless.

Judaism exalts the beauty and sanctity of marriage and family life. Ye thousands of years ago, the Jewish people made provisions for the painful, yet sometimes necessary act of divorce.

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