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This year, whether you're doing a small home seder with your family or roommates, attending a virtual seder hosted by a congregation, or organizing your own virtual seder, consider adding in one of these inserts, which look at the Four Children through the lens of modern-day social justice issues. 

Rabbi Jonah Pesner would argue that ultimately Shabbat is a call to action, read why. 

Looking for a new Haggadah for this year’s Passover seder? Whether you’re interested in making your Passover celebrations a little more political or a little more magical, we’ve got you covered.

The Bible prescribes the death penalty for at least 36 transgressions, from intentional murder to cursing one’s parents, but the practice essentially ended when the rabbinic sages of the Talmud imposed preconditions and evidence requirements so rigorous as to make capital punishment a rarity. Jewish tradition essentially follows the position of Rabbis Tarfon and Akiba: never to impose capital punishment (Mishna Makkot 1:10).

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Judaism and Islam stem from the same foundational idea that we are the Children of Abraham, descendants of our common patriarchs and matriarchs. Although both Judaism and Islam have many different interpretations of their core teachings, there are a few common values that are held by both religions: that we are all "People of the Book," and Islam is a continuation of Abraham's monotheistic faith; and that peaceful co-existence comes from honoring one another and one God.

The Broader Issue

Israel’s system of government is based on parliamentary democracy, and in practice operated under secular law. Additionally, each of the major religious communities (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc) has their own religious court that maintains jurisdiction of religious practices.

When we speak about immigrants, we’re referring to citizens of other countries who are, for any number of reasons, seeking to live permanently in the United States. When we speak about refugees, we’re referring to citizens of other countries who are fleeing their homes due to violence and persecution, and are seeking refuge elsewhere in the world

Within the scope of Health & Wellness, topics range from mental to physical, from policy to psychological, from spiritual to environmental; relevant issues encompass violence prevention, reproductive health, affordable health care, mental health stigma, substance abuse, bioethics, and more.


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