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Ask Tina: Can I freeze a Passover Linzer Torte?

Q: I make your Passover Linzer Torte each year ever since I saw it in Reform Judaism magazine in 2005. I wanted to know if I could bake it in advance and freeze it, in the pan (I’ll be traveling with it), and defrost it in the pan the day of the seder while traveling. What do you think?

A: Good news! You can freeze the torte and you are smart transporting it in its pan since you know how delicate it is! If you need the pan for something else, a simple way to get multi use from your pan is to line the pan with foil, bake the torte, freeze it, remove it from the pan with the foil and place on a hard cardboard form. Put torte back in the freezer and then transport it in a box as well protected as possible. Regardless how it looks, you know it will be delish! Enjoy!


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