Judy Silver Weisberg

My Year in Israel: A Rabbinical Student’s Social Justice Start

Judy Silver Weisberg
August 8, 2016

So far, my time in Israel has been filled with more questions than answers. One of the things I’m most excited about this year is the opportunity to live in Israel, to experience daily life here, and to ask as many questions as possible (and learn to be comfortable living without easy answers). My experiences here so far have given me a taste of what Progressive Judaism in Israel looks like.

Gun Violence Prevention: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Judy Silver Weisberg
December 30, 2013

“Don’t stop after beating the swords into ploughshares, don’t stop! Go on beating and make musical instruments out of them. Whoever wants to make war again will have to turn them into ploughshares first.” –Yehuda Amichai

Jewish tradition hopes that we