Rabbi Zoë Klein Miles

Rabbi Zoë Klein Miles is the senior rabbi of Temple Isaiah in Los Angeles, CA, and the author of multiple novels, including Drawing in the Dust, The Scroll of Anatiya, and The Goblins of Knottingham: A History of Challah, and she has written chapters in a number of collections, including The Women’s Torah Commentary, Teen Texts, and Holy Ground: A Gathering of Voices on Caring for Creation

Naming Naamah, Noach’s Wife (and the Other Torah Women Too)

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Paul Kipnes

In this week’s parashah, Noach, we hear from Noah’s unnamed wife. She reminds us that it is not easy being one of the women in the Torah. Although these women ensured the future of humanity and of our people Israel, too often they are unnamed, demonized, silenced, or forgotten.

How Much? A Poem for Houston

Rabbi Zoë Klein Miles

"How much water is inside a tear, and how long does it take to dry them? As long as there is misery and fear in the people who continue to cry them."

No Text is Worth a Life: A High Holidays Pledge

Rabbi Zoë Klein Miles

As we turn to thoughts of a new year and a new start, here is a pledge to refrain from texting while driving. Texting while driving is responsible for a quarter of all car accidents today, and is six times more dangerous than drunk driving.