Genesis 6:9−11:32

When Is Noach Read?

/ 4 Heshvan 5783
/ 6 Heshvan 5784
/ 1 Heshvan 5785


  • God decides to cause a flood that will destroy the world, sparing only Noah's family and the animals that Noah gathers together on the ark. (6:9-8:22)
  • Life starts over again after the Flood. The Noahide Commandments are listed, and God uses a rainbow to make a symbol of the first covenant. (9:1-17)
  • People start to build a city and the Tower of Babel. God scatters the people and gives them different languages to speak. (11:1-9)
  • The ten generations from Noah to Abram are listed. (11:10-29:2)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Noach Commentary


The Window of Noah’s Ark

By: Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar

We will never know the historicity of this great flood. Other cultures write of devasting floods, most notably the Babylonian narrative of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

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