Calling for an End to Violence & Hate

August 4, 2009

I couple weeks ago, I told you about American Apparel's announcement that the clothing company would send free "Legalize Gay: Overturn Prop 8 Now!" shirts to any organization in the D.C. area working for LGBT equality. Last week, the RAC staff's shirts arrived! We're so appreciative to American Apparel, both for its generosity and dedication to equality.

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The RAC continued its work for LGBT equality last night at a candlelight vigil, attended by more than 200 people, to mourn and condemn Saturday's brutal attack on a Tel Aviv LGBT community center that left two dead and at least 10 injured. Our Associate Director Mark Pelavin was honored to speak at the event, joining a range of Jewish voices, including Reform and Orthodox rabbis, DC policy leaders and community activists in calling for an end to hate-motivated violence. He said:

"Here tonight, we remember the lives of Liz Trobishi and Nir Katz. Zichronam livracha, may their memories be for blessing. We think of their families, friends, and loved ones who are left to pick up the pieces of lives that were needlessly taken. We remember too many violent acts here at home and abroad, too many children taken from parents, too many parents taken from children, and too many families and communities shaken and terrorized by hate."

Mark's full statement is here.

My friend Emily Goodstein, Director of Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom and a talented photographer, had her camera on hand last night to capture the event in DC's Dupont Circle, where we lit candles, said Kaddish, held signs in support of peace and equality, and together prayed for an end to violence, oppression and hate.

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