Exodus in Haiku

December 23, 2022Rebecca Tullman

Parashat Sh'mot

Walking in God's ways
Midwives and princess rebel
Choose life and save lives

Parashat Va-eira

Speaking in God's voice
Moses and Aaron come forth
Demand redemption

Parashat Bo

We partner with God
And paint our doorposts with blood
Take the next right step

Parashat B'shalach

While singing God's song
Miriam and her timbrel
Model gratitude

Parashat Yitro

In which the Hebrews
Become God's treasured people
Accept covenant

Parashat Mishpatim

All people are God's
Stranger orphan and widow
Support those in need

Parashat T'rumah

Turns out that sometimes
God is found in the details
Embrace the details

Parashat T'tzaveh

To make holy robes
It takes all of God's colors
Seek diversity

Parashat Ki Tisa

A golden mistake
Moses finds his Divine strength
Ask for forgiveness

Parashat Vayak'heil

In a reflection of God
Give in Abundance

Parashat P'kudei

When all contribute
We bring God to our spaces
Show pride in your gifts


We find Adonai
In creation, love, mistakes
Love even the mess

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