Preparing for Passover: A Resource Roundup for a Satisfying Seder

March 28, 2023Crystal Hill

From choosing the Haggadah for your community's seder to creating engaging programs for children and families, there is a great deal to do to get ready for Passover. Not to worry, though, because we're here to help! Below are some of our favorite Passover resources, selected to help your preparations go more smoothly.

Supplement your Seder with Videos

Check out these 2-6-minute videos from Reform leaders across North America and the UK to supplement your seder with blessings, songs, and insights to enhance your seder.

Make Passover Playful

Download our free Passover Activity Book! Packed with delightful crafts, mouthwatering recipes, and fun games, this booklet is perfect for enhancing Pesach for the young and young at heart! You can include us in your festivities by using #URJPassover. 

Easy Seder Activities

These nine seder activities focus on creating connections and sparking conversations. From having everyone sign their Haggadah to making "question cookies" using chocolate-covered matzah, there are plenty of fresh ideas to celebrate our freedom.

Beyond the Four Questions: A Discussion Guide

This discussion guide is designed to spark conversations throughout each part of the seder. Whether you choose to print these questions on table tents or create posters for each question and invite your seder guests to write out their answers, this guide is sure to get everyone thinking more deeply about what Passover means to them.

Host a Chocolate Passover Seder

Check out this article about a temple sisterhood's innovative (and delicious) pre-Passover seder! With just a few tweaks, this could also provide inspiration for a wonderful tot Shabbat activity to get young children excited for the upcoming holiday!

Our Story, Your Table: A Passover Recipe Collection

At the core of every Passover celebration are people, stories, and food. These components highlight our diverse traditions around the globe. As part of our Your Story, Our Table program, the URJ has compiled a Passover cookbook with recipes from around the world. Try adding one (or many!) of these recipes to your table this year!

Find Passover recipes, activities, Haggadot, and unique seder ideas on our Passover page.

Wishing everyone happy and smooth Passover preparations!

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