Passover Recipes

Passover Recipes

Passover Recipes

Passover Recipes

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  • What can you serve for dessert when cake and cookies are off the (Passover) table? Lots! Here are some of our favorite dessert recipes that happen to be kosher for Passover. Best yet, all of them can be made dairy-free!

  • Matzah ball soup is one of the most recognizeable Passover dishes, indeed, Jewish dishes, ever. As with any classic dish, there are many ways to make it, all of them delicious in different ways. We have collected some of our favorite recipes here for you.

  • You know how the food you eat can sometimes trigger memories? Jewish tradition knows this too, and a kosher for Passover diet is a yearly reminder of the Jewish people’s distant past as slaves in Egypt.



  • Eating animal-based dairy on Shavuot is a tradition that I am updating to meet my health goals and dietary preferences. I find ways to enjoy healthier “creamy” foods for the holiday by creating non-dairy “creamy” d

  • Served piping hot, this dish makes a wholesome light family meal.

  • Kids especially love this recipe during Passover week!