Rosh HaShanah Videos

What is Rosh Hashanah? The Jewish New Year

A basic primer on Rosh Hashanah, from our friends at BimBam.

Video: How to Blow the Shofar

Rabbi Leora Kaye, Director of Program for the Union for Reform Judaism, explains the ritual of blowing the shofar. Theo Hansen demonstrates the shofar blasts.

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Video: An Easy Way to Make Honey Cake

Tina Wasserman demonstrates a quick and easy way to make a delicious honey cake.

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Video: How to Shape Round Challah (Two Ways)

Jewish cooking expert Tina Wasserman demonstrates techniques for shaping a round challah for Rosh HaShanah.

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Video: How to Tashlich

Rabbi Larry Karol of Temple Beth-El in Las Cruces, NM explains and demonstrates the ritual of Tashlich.

Video: Kids Try Jewish High Holiday Traditions

Here's a little holiday fun for a sweet new year!

Video: How to Make Dulce de Manzana

Jewish cooking expert Tina Wasserman demonstrates how to create Dulce de Manzana for Rosh HaShanah.

More on Rosh HaShanah

Rosh HaShanah Blessings for Home Observance

Lighting candles, eating apples and honey, offering thanks for sweetness and sustenance, and celebrating the cycle of life we travel each year while around a table with family and friends can add richness to your holiday observance. Here are some blessings for rituals that can enhance your new year celebrations at home.