Tu BiShvat Activities to Do at Home

Melanie Cole Goldberg

The Jewish New Year of the Trees, or Tu BiShvat, lends itself to many home observations and activities. Here are a few suggestions and resources for you to try. 

Planting Activities

  • Plant parsley seeds in sod pots by a sunny window. Harvest the parsley for your Passover seder.
  • Plant a flowering bulb kit for a sunny window. In the middle of winter this is a wonderful hint of the spring season to come soon.
  • If you live in a location where planting outside will work this time of year - plant a sampling in your yard!
  • Plant trees in Israel through your donations to the Jewish National Fund.


  • Make leaf prints for paper placemats and or decorations at a Tu BiShvat Seder. Younger children can make handprint trees.
  • Make recycled paper using old paper scraps and a blender or food processor.
  • Take photos of beautiful trees and frame them.
  • Assemble your own "Fruit Head Guy," a funny little fruit sculpture that doubles as a tasty appetizer.
  • Make an edible bird/animal feeder with birdseed or plain popped popcorn and leave it in the branches of a tree.
  • Create aromatic lanterns out of clementines to adorn your holiday tables.

Food Activities

Miscellaneous Activities

  • Learn about the history of Tu BiShvat.
  • Read a Tu BiShvat related story like Travis the Tree, or check your congregation’s library.
  • Learn about honoring the trees and tikkun olamtikkun olamתִּקּוּן עוֹלָם"Repair of the world;" Jewish concept that it is our responsibility to partner with God to improve the world. A mystical concept of restoration of God's holiest Name to itself and the repair of a shattered world. Often refers to social action and social justice.  with videos from Shalom Sesame and resources from Reform Jewish educators. 
  • Listen to or sing songs for Tu BiShvat.
  • Give tzedakahtzedakahצְדָקָהFrom the Hebrew word for “justice,” or “righteousness;” refers to charity or charitable giving. May also be translated as “righteous giving.”   to an environmental organization.
  • Participate in an environmental clean-up project in your community.

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