Teaching Children About Welcoming Guests (Hachnasat Orchim)

A Shaboom! Discussion and Activity Guide for 4-7 Year-Olds and Their Parents

Join the magical “Sparks” Gabi and Rafael as they teach a lesson in hospitality to the Plony family members, who are too distracted to hear the doorbell ringing when their cousin arrives from Israel. Once Yasmin is inside, Papa, Mama, Lila, and Ben continue to play video games and dance to loud music, forgetting about their guest. The Sparks find a way to fix the situation once and for all – by helping the family help themselves!



Follow-Up Questions

  • How do you think Yasmin felt when her cousins were not paying attention to her?
  • When have you felt that way?
  • What can you do to make somebody feel special by welcoming them?


Related Activities

  • Make personalized place cards for each guest at a special meal your family will host, perhaps a Passover seder.
  • Read the book Bone Button Borscht by Audrey Davis with your child to discover how an unwelcoming town is turned around by a special recipe.
  • Make and bring a welcome basket to a new neighbor or make a playdate with somebody your child has mentioned from school but hasn’t yet hosted.


What's Jewish about Welcoming Guests? An Introduction to Hachanasat Orchim for Parents