Jewish Perspectives on Health & Wellness

Jewish Tradition commands us to respect our bodies and to strive for health as a means of honoring our relationship to God. Discover Reform Jewish perspectives on important topics related to health and wellness.

Mental Health

Compassion Is the Best Medicine

The painful truth is that we cannot always help another person - and if we expect to be able to change someone else in order for us to feel better, we may be setting ourselves up for double failure. What we can do is help ourselves by understanding our own feelings of powerlessness and getting the support we need to manage our emotional response.

Disabilities and Special Needs

The Bar Mitzvah of Benjamin Avi Faber

Like most parents, from the time we gave birth to our son, we had many hopes and dreams for him. We wanted him to have a good education, have friends and grow up to live a happy and prosperous life.

Podcast: Let's Talk About Special Needs

Lori Day
Learn about the important aspects of parenting children with special needs, what parents are feeling, what educators need to know, the importance of transparency, and who can help.


Organ Donation: Heaven Knows We Need Them Here!

By and large, the Jewish legal tradition has never opposed organ donation. For nearly 2,000 years, it has laid the groundwork in favor of such actions. And the Reform Movement has supported and encouraged it for many years now.

Serious Illness

A Torah for Cancer

Torah is as much a part of my treatment for an aggressive form of prostate cancer as are the drugs, the radiation, and the love and support of my family and friends.

The Power of Prayer, Ritual and Tradition: Reflections from a Caregiver

On August 1, 1998, I started a diary with the words ‘Today Harvey signed the papers which placed him in hospice…This is my hospice diary. Will I be able to keep it up? Will I be able to help him get through this experience? Can I possibly come out alive on the other end? The answer to all of that is - only God knows...So together, my darling husband of 49 years and I started a journey. A journey which would find each of us in a very different place at the end.


Re-Envisioning Alzheimer’s

While praying to God for help and solace, it struck me that there may be a different way to think about Alzheimer's. When Miriam's mind seems distant, the "person" I used to know is not really gone, but just gone from me, at those moments.

Body and Soul

The Purpose of Kashrut

The laws of kashrut offer a Jewish spiritual discipline that is rooted in the concrete choices and details of daily life--to be practiced in an area that seems most "mundane." In fact, part of the beauty of kashrut is that regardless of our age, personal interests, or geographic location, we all eat, and most of us do so several times a day.

Life at Its Highest

A meditative study of our texts can allow us to decrease the separation between the sacred words on the page and ourselves. Unlike cognitive understanding, which assumes that the object to be understood is separate from the person engaged in the understanding, meditation supports a kind of knowing that sees the object and the person as one.

Jewish Genetic Diseases

Jewish Genetic Diseases

Even before you think you are ready to become a parent, there are steps you can take to increase the chances of someday having a healthy baby.