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Soon, families will gather around the seder table to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover, a major spring festival commemorating the Exodus from Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. Today, the holiday is a celebration of freedom and family.

With eight nights to celebrate, Hanukkah is a wonderful holiday for families to enjoy together – especially if there are teens in the house or in your extended family.

The Passover seder is the ultimate educational experience. It is an interactive method of story-telling, a learning (and re-learning) of our people's ancient memory, and navigating through text and time and tradition to make that story our own. Use this resource to engage in a dialogue with your teen, or as a starting point for them to lead a seder table discussion.

Ask me who my hero was while I was in kindergarten and I would have said my teacher, Mrs. Green, because she was kind and wore funky sweaters.

What—finally—got my 20-something kids interested in being Jewish.

While the promise of fun may be the first motivator to join, the long-term effects of the youth group experience drive NFTY’s teens to stay involved in Jewish communal life long after high school has ended. Read on to find out if NFTY is right for your teen.

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