Rabbi David H. Aaron

Rabbi David H. Aaron received his doctorate from Brandeis University and ordination from the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati. He is Professor of Hebrew Bible and History of Interpretation at HUC-JIR, Cincinnati, Ohio. His most recent book is Etched in Stone: The Emergence of the Decalogue (T & T Clark, 2006). 

The Transition into History

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi David H. Aaron

The concluding parashah of Genesis has two roles: it provides closure through a burial theme, and it creates a bridge to the Exodus story.

A People by Any Other Name

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi David H. Aaron

Toward the end of my comments on Parashat Vayeitzei, I noted that the collator of the Genesis stories had before him a real challenge. How could he take this cluster of ancestral legends about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and end up with a people called Yisrael ?