And [Judah] Approached [Joseph]

Genesis 44:18−47:27

When Is Vayigash Read?

/ 11 Tevet 5781
/ 7 Tevet 5782
/ 7 Tevet 5783


  • Judah pleads with Joseph to free Benjamin and offers himself as a replacement. (44:18-34)
  • Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and forgives them for selling him into slavery. (45:1-15)
  • Although the famine still rages, Pharaoh invites Joseph's family to "live off the fat of the land." (45:16-24)
  • Jacob learns that Joseph is still alive and, with God's blessing, goes to Egypt. (45:25-46:33)
  • Pharaoh permits Joseph's family to settle in Goshen. Pharaoh then meets with Jacob. (47:1-12)
  • With the famine increasing, Joseph designs a plan for the Egyptians to trade their livestock and land for food. The Israelites thrive in Egypt. (47:13-27)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Vayigash Commentary

Torrah and Kippah

Can You Find the Good in a Catastrophe?

By: Rabbi Dan Moskovitz

As we begin Parashat Vayigash, Joseph is seated as second in line to the pharaoh in Egypt. His brothers had come down to Egypt seeking food as there was a famine in the land of Canaan. Joseph concealed his identity from his brothers, and in last week’s portion, Mikeitz, he framed them for...

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