Rabbi Lisa S. Greene

Rabbi Lisa Greene

Rabbi Lisa S. Greene has served North Shore Congregation Israel, Glencoe, Illinois for 25 years. She loves creating ritual, teaching and writing about it. Her ELI talk, Getting Ritual: Making Meaningful Jewish Moments, focuses on new Jewish divorce ritual. Rabbi Greene has written for HuffPost, Reform Judaism Blog, MyJewishLearning, OSRUI blog, CCAR Press, Eat Darling, Eat!; Kveller, The Wisdom Daily, and her personal blog, Intersections.

You’re Invited to Remember

Rabbi Lisa S. Greene
Growing up, I saw Yizkor as a mysterious event on Yom Kippur afternoon. The grownups would return to temple in the afternoon, while my sister and I stayed home. There was no explanation, just an understanding that this was a thing our parents and grandparents did, and we did not.

Balaam’s Talking Ass

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

The parashah for this Shabbat is a fundamentalist’s nightmare. This week we read the lollapalooza grand­dad­dy of all the off-the-wall Bible stories. It’s so preposterous it makes splitting the Red Sea look like child’s play.