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A Prayer for After Elections

There was that moment at the Red Sea when our people despaired like never before. Looking behind, the people saw an enemy coming for them. Looking ahead, the waters seemed ready to swallow them up.

Kindling the Lights of Peace: A Meditation for Shabbat Candle-Lighting

After lighting the Sabbath candles, many people wave their hands in a circular motion three times and bring their hands to their face when finished. A beautiful interpretation of this practice is that it helps us bring the light and peace of Shabbat into our neshamahs, our homes, and our

The Light of You: A Prayer

As we bring healing to those in need of strength, May our spirits be filled with the light of You. As we bring hope to a broken world. May our hearts be softened by the light of You. As we bring understanding to those who are suffering, May our arms

Prayer Litany for COVID-19

Source of Blessing: Our lives are in turmoil our hearts heavy help us to cope with this modern plague we are worried for our families, we are concerned for our communities, our world is on the brink. Bless us with strength. Source of Mercy: We pray for courage to stay

A Poem for Elul

Poet Stacey Robinson: "I stand here, ready to begin again, to follow this road of dust, that stretches before me."

A Prayer for Political Leadership

Read this prayer asking for wise and dedicated political leaders who have the imagination and strength to address the problems of our time.