Israeli Society

Learn about the shared society & democracy, religious pluralism, and ethnic & cultural diversity of Israel.

Nation of Innovation: Reform Congregations

Polls show that nearly 25% of Israeli Jews choose Reform as the Jewish movement they most closely identify with. That may explain why the Israeli Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) is growing so rapidly.

Arts & Culture

The Restaurant Revolution in Israel

Thirty years ago, no one would have predicted that one day Israel would produce a generation of talented, innovative, and remarkably crea­tive chefs. In those days, dining in Israel was restricted largely to ethnic restaurants, Middle Eastern street food, a few overly expensive French restaurants, and several pretentious hotel-based dining rooms.

Cultural Institutions in Israel

For such a young country, Israel has some of the best cultural institutions and traditions in the world. For those interested in theater, dance, history and more, we recommend checking out these world-class establishments

Pluralism & Diversity

LGBTQ Life in Israel

Israel has been called the "gay capital of the Middle East," which is no surprise to many of its supporters who have been touting its outstanding record on gay rights for years.