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Is it possible to convert to Judaism via the Internet?

Answered by
Rabbi Leora Kaye
Rabbi Robert Orkand
Rabbi Robert Orkand: Judaism welcomes those wishing to convert, and a great deal of information about Judaism is now available on the Internet, making it a wonderful way to begin learning. Start with's conversion page, which includes a reading list for beginners. However, conversion to Judaism involves time and...

What steps should I take to return to Judaism?

Answered by
Rabbi Bruce L. Gottlieb
I have been attracted to Judaism ever since I first began to learn about it, and have reason to believe that my family was originally Jewish. What would be the steps for me to take to return to Judaism?

What does Judaism have to say about the treatment of animals?

Answered by
Rabbi Howard L. Jaffe
As far as how Jewish tradition, and the Torah in general speak of God's love for animals, there is a rabbinic concept of tzaar baalei chaim - literally the woe/pain of living things - roughly rendered as concern for cruelty to animals, but runs deeper than that. The principle is that animals experience pain and suffering, and although are not equivalent to human lives, they must still be dealt with caringly and thoughtfully.