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Stories We Tell - Podcast Transcripts

Judaism has a deep and rich tradition of storytelling, of passing down stories from one generation to the next. To carry on that tradition, "Stories We Tell" will share a new story with you every Thursday. Whether you listen while driving to work, preparing Shabbat dinner, or taking your kids to school, each episode will give you a new story to reflect on and discuss with the people in your life. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, on an Android device, or get the RSS feed

Click the links below to find transcripts of each episode. This index is currently a work in progress, with more transcripts for older episodes added every week.





  • Episode 35: This Too
  • Episode 34: The Lamps
  • Episode 33: Building the Temple
  • Episode 32: Shema
  • Episode 31: The Guard Between Two Lands
  • Episode 30: The Wine in the Cask
  • Episode 29: Across the River
  • Episode 28: The Challah and the Ark
  • Epsiode 27: The Scholar and the Merchants
  • Episode 26: Coals in the Fire
  • Episode 25: Don't Apologize to Me, Apologize to Him
  • Epsiode 24: Buried Treasure
  • Epsiode 23: Did You Bring Your Umbrella?
  • Episode 22: Two Brothers of Jerusalem
  • Episode 21: The Pebbles and the Stone
  • Episode 20: The Scratch in the Ruby
  • Episode 19: The Triangle Player
  • Episode 18: When the Clocks Stop
  • Episode 17: Why We Cover the Challah
  • Episode 16: The Ba'al Shem Tov's Bucket
  • Episode 15: The Spice Merchant
  • Episode 14: Yussele the Holy Miser
  • Episode 13: Something from Nothing
  • Episode 12: The Story of Ben Yachid
  • Episode 11: The Thief Who Ran Away
  • Episode 10: The Disappearing King
  • Episode 9: Taking Care of the Wheat
  • Episode 8: The M'lamed and the Balagalah
  • Episode 7: A Perfect Heart
  • Episode 6: The Prince Who Thought He Was a Rooster
  • Episode 5: The Grandfather, the Granddaughter, and the Donkey
  • Episode 4: Are You a Player or a Fan?
  • Episode 3: Look the Other Way
  • Episode 2: Feeding Your Clothes
  • Episode 1: The Rabbi and the Monastary