Nitzavim for Teens: Shabbat Sha-raps

Nitzavim, Deuteronomy 29:9–30:20

Ever wanted to see how relatable the Torah really is? Counselors at URJ Kutz Camp, a Reform Jewish leadership camp for teens ,wanted to do just that. They made awesome raps discussing the weekly Torah portion, or parasha, for an entire year!

Open this parasha to hear how Moses tells the people that the covenant extends into the future, to people like you and me. He then warns them that they will be punished for sinning, and blessed for following laws. Listen in to learn more.

17SEVENTEEN17 Nitzavim from URJ Kutz Camp on Vimeo.


Saturday morning and the peeps are here
It’s time for Shabbat – let me get a cheer
We’ll talk about Moses, Aaron, the Levites too
Ayyoo Matt, you know what to do

Can you believe last week was Ki Tavo
We’re reminded of the covenant, and that’s fo sho
Just doing mitzvot, no need to be stressed
If we do all this, we’ll be hashtag blessed

In Nitzavim, we hear the pact
Of generational leadership, and that’s a fact|
Everything Moses said, continues on
Through all the generations, like a bright new dawn

For NFTY and Kutz, this is pretty cool
It’s way beyond anything you’ll learn in school
Past, present, future, you gotta do it all
Like standing at Sinai, you gotta hear the call

As Moses speaks, we learn some more
About a choice in life, it’s an open door
If we pursue sin, we’ll get some strife
But it’s all about L’chaim, to life to life

To life, to life, l'chaim.
L'chaim, l'chaim, to life.
Here's to the father I tried to be!
Here's to my bride to be!
l'chaim, to life!

Thanks for listening to our seventeenth rap
Stay tuned for more, we’re putting ourselves on the map
This has been your – Shabbat Sha’Rap!

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