You Stand [This Day]

Deuteronomy 29:9–30:20

When Is Nitzavim Read?

/ 28 Elul 5782
/ 27 Elul 5785


  • Moses tells the assembled people that God's covenant speaks to them and to all of the generations who will follow. (29:9–14)
  • God warns the Israelites that they will be punished if they act idolatrously, the way the inhabitants of the other nations do. (29:15–28)
  • Moses reassures the people that God will not forsake them and that they can attain blessings by following God's commandments. (30:1–20)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Nitzavim Commentary


From Washington Heights to Jerusalem

By: Cantor Evan Kent

This week’s Torah portion, Nitzavim, which is read on the Shabbat preceding Rosh HaShanah, is filled with images of awe, covenant, and an awareness of our place in the chain of generational continuity.  The words of this portion so illuminate and magni

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