The Estherito Mojito: A Purim Cocktail

Purim is a happy holiday that affirms Jewish survival and continuity throughout history. We’ve imagined what each character in the Book of Esther might have imbibed on such a happy occasion. Which Purim cocktail resembles who you’d be in the Purim story?

This Estherito Mojito is pleasant and refreshing, with a pleasing presentation. Learn more about Queen Esther and the other characters in the Purim story, then find your drink... or try the whole M’gillahL’chaim!

    1 ½ fluid ounces white rum (or ginger ale / flavored sparkling water, if making non-alchoholic)
    12 to 15 mint leaves
    ½ lime
    ¾ oz. simple syrup
    club soda
    sprig of mint
    1. Add the mint leaves, the juice of half of a lime and simple syrup to a highball glass.
    2. Muddle the ingredients in the glass.
    3. Fill the glass halfway with ice, add rum, and stir.
    4. Fill the rest of the glass with ice, top with club soda, garnish with sprig of mint and stir.

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