Interfaith Families: Reform Judaism Sees You, Welcomes You, is You!

There is a Jewish legend that explains how King Solomon chose the location of the First Temple. Two brothers lived on either side of a mountain, and each was a farmer. One brother had a large family, and the other lived alone. The first, who had many helpers for his harvest, feared that his brother would struggle on his own. So, in the night, he would bring some of his grain across the mountain to his brother's storehouse. The second, seeing that his brother had many mouths to feed, feared that he would struggle to provide. So, in the night, he would bring some of his grain across the mountain to the other's storehouse. Back and forth they went, every other night, until, one night, as King Solomon watched, the brothers left at the same time to share their harvests. Right at the center of the mountain they ran into one another, realizing that each had been bringing grain to the other out of concern, empathy, and love. This was the place that King Solomon chose to build the holiest of sanctuaries.

In the Reform Movement, we seek to build our sacred communities in the same way. They are places where each person has something precious to provide. They are places where those of different backgrounds, with different families, can both contribute and receive. And they are places of holy meeting, where our love, empathy, and care for one another allows us to build something truly special.

In communities all across our Movement, there are interfaith families thriving in our sanctuaries, schools, and synagogue leadership. You don't have to be Jewish to find a home in Jewish community. When you show up with the wholeness of who you are, when you give from your own life's harvest, our Jewish world grows stronger and more beautiful.

If you identify as interfaith, multi-faith, Jewish-adjacent or Jew-ish, you belong in our Movement.

If your Jewish kids enjoy celebrating with their extended family on Diwali, Easter, or Ramadan, you belong.

If you are curious about Jewish ritual or prayer, but aren't sure where your own spirituality fits in, you belong here.

No matter how you plant the seeds of your family, we are all living on the same mountain. Your life's unique experiences are what we need to help build a sacred space. And we know that when you join a Jewish community, you will be able to give and receive in equal measure. We hope you will come meet with us, grow with us, and build with us as we create a holy place together.

Here are the Top Five Questions Interfaith Families Have About Reform Jewish Life.