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Death and Mourning

I didn't come to Temple Beth El expecting to convert, but it happened anyway.

These are the questions our tradition says you will be asked when you pass from this world.

Unprecedented advances in medicine and pharmacology are modern blessings. They also create new and ever-more perplexing challenges. The blessings allow us to live longer and longer, but prolonged life often brings physical, mental, and psychological disabilities that surpass the present limits of science.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of these Jewish rituals.

Neuroscience offers a scientific rationale for our inward memorializing.

What happens at a shiva? Should we bring a gift or flowers? Will there be a religious service at the house of mourning?

What is the meaning of shiva? When did shiva originate? Why are all mirrors covered?

Although the most vital tasks and decisions concerning funerals, burial and mourning in the home are made by family members, it's a good idea to recruit friends and non-first-degree relatives to cover other tasks, including the many covered in this list.

The death of a loved one is so often a painful and confusing time for members of the family and dear friends. This guide will assist you in planning the funeral as well as offer helpful information on the centuries-old Jewish burial practices.


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