Discussion Guide

Sadie and the Big Mountain

Laura Copel
When her early childhood class plans a Shavuot hike, Sadie is afraid she won’t be able to make it to the top of the “mountain” and tries to think of ways to avoid the walk. When the day arrives, it’s much different (and better!) than Sadie expected.

How to Start a Social Justice Book Club

Reform Jews across North America come together in their own communities to read, explore and discuss social justice-themed books. RAC Reads provides thought-provoking stories and tools to get your family, congregation, and community talking about racial justice.

Turbulent Souls, by Stephen J. Dubner

Rabbi Eric Bram
While Stephen Dubner's book is a fascinating memoir, the telling of a son's individuation and journey, it is also our story -- Turbulent Souls is, in many ways, the story of American Jewishness in the twentieth century.

The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South, by Eli Evans

Raphael McGregor
In The Provincials: a Personal History of Jews in the South, Eli Evans proves that American Southern Jews are not exempt from the complicated racial, religious, and political history of the region. Not surprisingly, their Jewish heritage often put them in a unique and unenviable position—somewhere between white and black, conservative and liberal, segregationist and abolitionist. Indeed, as Mr. Evans’ excellent work attests, the Jews of the South have as much glory and shame in their history as any other Southerner