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Israeli History

Tourists can celebrate the miracle of Israel's founding by visiting sites dedicated to the events surrounding the creation of the Jewish State

Not surprisingly, Israel houses a number of historically and/or architecturally significant synagogues that are open to tourists looking to pray or just take in the holy sites

When you think of Northern Israel, you may picture taking in beautiful vineyards, hiking in the Golan Heights or swimming in the Kinneret, and you would be correct.

For such an ancient and holy city, it's difficult to select just a few must-see historical attractions, but that is what we've attempted to do.

The South of Israel houses some of the country's most interesting and unique historical sites, many of which have been named on UNESCO's World Heritage list. It does tend to get hot in this desert region, so be sure to bring your sunscreen

The basis for Jews to return to self-sovereignty in Israel appears in the Torah and Jewish tradition repeatedly.

While Herzl and others were laying the groundwork outside of Palestine for a state, many Jews were moving there from Europe.

Since 2000, outbreaks of violence have stymied long-lasting peace agreements between Israelis and Palestinians.

The relationship between the UN and Israel has often been fraught.


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