Ritual Objects

Torah Cannot be Torah Without Us

Rabbi Steven Moskowitz
September 29, 2020
Torah cannot be Torah without us; it needs us. Therefore, we must read it, we must study it, we must discuss it and debate it. We must carry it. We must dance among its verses, discovering ourselves in its chapters.

How to Get into the High Holidays State of Mind

Rabbi Julie Zupan
September 15, 2020
It's a challenge and necessity, especially during this pandemic, to set boundaries between work time and family or personal time, between home office and home. How do we do that, emotionally?

9 Things to Know About Sukkot

Jane E. Herman
September 18, 2018
Even though the High Holidays are over, there is still plenty of celebrating to do. Here are nine things to know about Sukkot, the holiday that follows Yom Kippur.