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Songs and Videos for Celebrating Simchat Torah

Cantor Rosalie Will
October 8, 2020
One of most wonderful aspects of Simchat Torah is celebrating the joy of children and families dancing and singing with our Torah scrolls.  While we will be unable to dance together in person, we invite you to play the following videos or audio files and dance in your homes. 

The Jewish Song That Comforts Me in Uncertain Times

Rabbi Alex Kress
March 26, 2020

This song provides us with a musical roadmap: Give fear room to process, but do not let it take root; humbly accept the unnatural and urgent circumstances before us; and then, put one foot in front of the other, sing with gusto, and digitally embrace your people.

A Brief History of the Kol Nidrei Prayer

Cantor Deborrah Cannizzaro
September 17, 2018

For most North American Jews, the haunting melody of Kol Nidrei surely is the piece of liturgy that best represents Yom Kippur, prompting us to delve deep into our souls.