Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie

Headshot of Rabbi Eric Yoffie against a black background

Rabbi Eric Yoffie is the president emeritus of the Union for Reform Judaism, the congregational arm of the Reform Jewish Movement in North America that represents 1.5 million Reform Jews in 900 synagogues across the United States and Canada; he served as president from 1996 to 2012. He lectures and writes about Israel and the Middle East, interfaith relations, social justice, ethics, American Jewish life, and American religious life. Read his writings at ericyoffie.com.

A Thin Line Between Passion and Zealotry

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie

The final nine verses of Parashat Balak , the second parashah in this week's double portion, tell the story of Zimri, who brings a Midianite woman into the Israelite camp for the purpose of having sexual relations with her. Phinehas, a grandson of Aaron, promptly stabs both Zimri and the...