9 Cocktails for a Spirited Purim

Deborah Rood Goldman

Purim is a happy holiday that affirms Jewish survival and continuity throughout history. We’ve imagined what each character in the Book of Esther might have imbibed on such a happy occasion, plus a few others to fit the mood.

Which cocktail (or mocktail) resembles who you’d be in the Purim story? Find your drink, or try the whole M’gillah. L’chaim!

  1. The Estherito Mojito* is pleasant and refreshing, with a pleasing presentation, garnished with sprig of mint.
  2. The Mordechai Mai Tai* is steady with fortitude, blending rum, Grand Marnier, amaretto, and fruity flavors.
  3. The Vashtini*, reminiscent of a Bloody Mary, is spicy with a strong bite, horseradish, Tabasco, and all.
  4. The Hamanhattan is, like its namesake, is dry and a little bit sour.
  5. The Ahashurion Scorpion is deceptively simple with a flair, made with melon liqueur, amaretto, and more.
  6. The Groggy Grogger, named for the noisemakers we use at Purim, is a pick-me-up that packs a punch.
  7. The Persian Fling, a named for the place where the Purim story occurred, is luscious, warm, and cozy.
  8. The Shushan Slammer is a nutty nightcap made with coffee liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, and more.
  9. The Frozen Persian, which includes Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua, and ice cream, is pure decadence.

*Recipes can be made on-alcoholic.