Torah Study

We’ve Been Here Before: Spiritual Wisdom for Enduring Coronavirus

Rabbi Paul Kipnes
March 15, 2020

The coronavirus-compelled communal self-quarantine felt vaguely familiar: Here we are bamidbar (back in the wilderness), reliving Numbers, when Miriam becomes infected with a scaly, white, and highly contagious skin condition. But we’ve gotten through it before, and we will now, too.

Advocacy 101: Lessons from the Daughters of Zelophehad

Rachel Chung
We know from years of policy advocacy, though, that those phone calls - those seemingly small asks - do matter. The staff members who answer the phones in Congressional offices keep a tally of who calls and on what topic, and they report back to their colleagues and, ultimately, to the senator or representative who want to know what their constituents care about.

What’s So Jewish About Voting?

Rabbi Dara Lithwick
Judaism teaches us that voting is not just a civic duty. In fact, throughout Jewish history, many of our rabbis and sages have framed voting as a mitzvah, a Jewish imperative. Our tradition views us as working in partnership with God to create a better world – as we pray...