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Canadian flag on flagpole with bright blue sky in the background

Let’s celebrate Canada Day by embracing diversity, reaffirming our duty to care for each other, and ensuring our communal places reflect hospitality and lovingkindness.

Stained glass window that includes a Jewish start in the middle

I have many friends in town, but most are not temple members. They’re unaffiliated Jews, church-goers, or, as one friend succinctly put it, “believers but not belongers.”

Statue of justice, blindfolded with scale, in front of shelves of books

Lacking the force of law, Israel’s declaration of independence proclaims the moral vision of Israel’s founders. How far has Zionism come in fulfilling its original dream?

Pickles in an Ontario Fruit container

When it comes to pickles, there are many connections to our culture from historical through biblical references.