Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg

Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg is the spiritual leader of Temple Emanu-El in Edison, NJ. He currently serves as president of both the Rabbinical Association in the Heart of New Jersey and the Metuchen Edison Area Interfaith Clergy Association. Ordained by Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York City, he is an alumnus of the Mandel Fellowship.

Combat Hatred by Seeing Humanity in the Other

Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg
November 7, 2017

Members of our community were shocked recently to receive campaign postcards that included photos of two candidates with red “Deport” stamps below their faces.

How to Show the Torah Some Love

Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg
June 9, 2016

On a recent Friday night during services, after the ark doors were closed following Aleinu, my two-year-old daughter burst out screaming and had to be carried from the room. When I asked my wife later what had happened, she explained that Nava had wanted the Torah to come out, but it had not. My daughter loves Torah – in that absolute and forceful toddler love kind of way.

Given to us in that fateful moment at Sinai, Torah is our blueprint for sacred living – in relationship with God, the Jewish people, and all humankind. At Shavuot, we celebrate this gift by studying late into the night, eating sweets and dairy foods to symbolize the sweetness and lifeblood that Torah is for us, and making our own offerings to God: committing our children to the study of Torah and the embrace of Jewish tradition via confirmation.

Birkat HaMazon: More than a Simple Thank You

Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg
February 18, 2016

When you have eaten your fill, give thanks to the Eternal your God for the good land given to you.
Deuteronomy 8:10

No matter what’s going on, I always feel better after bensching (praying Birkat HaMazon, the blessing after meals).