Rabbi Michael Dolgin

Smiling image of Rabbi Michael Dolgin in a dark suit and light blue tie with his hands crossed

Rabbi Michael Dolgin (he/him) has served Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto since 1992. He is proud to have fostered a culture of innovation and tradition during his decades as senior rabbi. Rabbi Dolgin has worked with his professional colleagues to create a new, cultural approach to prayer and spirituality, bringing into the synagogue many forms previously found only in the theatre. 

Everyone Owns the Words of Torah

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Michael Dolgin

December 10, 2020
Learning, commenting, and reacting to our Torah’s teachings are a personal experience, or at least they should be.

When Do We Know We’ve Completed the Struggle?

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Michael Dolgin

November 20, 2020
In Parashat Vayishlach, Jacob receives a new name that becomes the name of the Jewish people: Israel. This moment in Genesis 32 is essential to every generation, especially in the fraught times in which we live.