B'har - B'chukotai

בְּהַר - בְּחֻקֹּתי
On Mount [Sinai] / My Laws

Leviticus 25:1-27:34

When Is B'har - B'chukotai Read?

/ 26 Iyar 5781
/ 22 Iyar 5783
/ 26 Iyar 5785


  • God instructs Moses to tell the Israelites that in every seventh year, the land shall observe a Sabbath of complete rest: Fields should not be sown and vines should not be pruned. (25:1-7)
  • After forty-nine years, a jubilee year is to be celebrated when all the land that had been sold during that time should be returned to its original owners and slaves are to be freed. (25:8-55)
  • God instructs Moses to tell the Israelites not to make idols, to keep the sabbath, and to venerate the sanctuary of the Eternal. (26:1-2)
  • God promises blessings to the Children of Israel if they follow the law and warns about the curses that will befall the people if they do not observe God's commandments. (26:1-46)
  • Gifts made to the Sanctuary whether by conditional vows or by unconditional acts of pious gratitude are discussed. (27:1-34)

Ten Minutes of Torah: B'har - B'chukotai Commentary

Are There Limits to the Revelation Received at Sinai?

By: Cantor David Berger

Our double portion of B’har-B’chukotai opens with a tantalizingly simple statement: “The Eternal One spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai” (Lev. 25:1). This may not, yet, strike you as remarkable. God, after all, talks to Moses all the time, and no one contests (at least within the Torah itself) that some...

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