Lech L'cha

Go Forth

Genesis 12:1−17:27

When Is Lech L'cha Read?

/ 13 Heshvan 5781
/ 10 Heshvan 5782
/ 11 Heshvan 5783


  • Abram, Sarai, and Lot go to Canaan. (12:1-9)
  • Famine takes them to Egypt, where Abram identifies Sarai as his sister in order to save his life. (12:10-20)
  • Abram and Lot separate. Lot is taken captive, and Abram rescues him. (13:1-14:24)
  • Abram has a son, Ishmael, with his Egyptian maidservant, Hagar. (16:1-16)
  • God establishes a covenant with Abram. The sign of this covenant is circumcision on the eighth day following a male baby's birth. (17:1-27)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Lech L'cha Commentary

Torrah and Kippah

Traveling Down the Road That Helps You To Find Yourself

By: Rabbi Dan Moskovitz

In The Fires of Spring, the late, prolific American author, James Michener, wrote:

“For this is the journey that humans make: to find themselves. If they fail in this, it doesn’t matter much what else they find. But if a person happens to find oneself — if they know what they can be...

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