The Generations [of Isaac]

Genesis 25:19−28:9

When Is Tol'dot Read?

/ 5 Kislev 5784
/ 29 Heshvan 5785
/ 2 Kislev 5786


  • Rebekah has twins, Esau and Jacob. (25:19-26)
  • Esau gives Jacob his birthright in exchange for some stew. (25:27-34)
  • King Abimelech is led to think that Rebekah is Isaac's sister and later finds out that she is really his wife. (26:1-16)
  • Isaac plans to bless Esau, his firstborn. Rebekah and Jacob deceive Isaac so that Jacob receives the blessing. (27:1-29)
  • Esau threatens to kill Jacob, who then flees to Haran. (27:30-45)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Tol'dot Commentary

a group of women huddling up

Why Do We Exist?

By: Rabbi Stacy Rigler

We see glimpses of Rebecca's inner dialogue at the beginning and end of this week's Torah portion. In the opening verses of Parashah Tol'dot, Rebecca becomes pregnant with twins.

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Video: Learn About Parashat Tol'dot with Bim Bam

Toldot: Jacob, Esau, and Tough Talk About Cheating


Nechama Tamler digs into the family infighting of our ancestors, from Jacob tricking Esau into giving up his birthright to Rebekah's part in the scheme. Enjoy this video and others from Bim Bam.

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