Chayei Sarah

חַיֵּי שָׂרָה
The Life of Sarah

Genesis 23:1−25:18

When Is Chayei Sarah Read?

/ 22 Heshvan 5785
/ 24 Heshvan 5786
/ 27 Heshvan 5787


  • Abraham purchases the cave of Machpelah in order to bury his wife Sarah. (23:1-20)
  • Abraham sends his servant to find a bride for Isaac. (24:1-9)
  • Rebekah shows her kindness by offering to draw water for the servant's camels at the well. (24:15-20)
  • The servant meets Rebekah's family and then takes Rebekah to Isaac, who marries her. (24:23-67)
  • Abraham takes another wife, named Keturah. At the age of one hundred and seventy-five years, Abraham dies, and Isaac and Ishmael bury him in the cave of Machpelah. (25:1-11)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Chayei Sarah Commentary

an image of a row of 6 people sitting in chairs praying

When We Pray, What do We Pray For?

By: Rabbi Kari Tuling

In this week's Torah portion, Chayei Sarah, Abraham wishes to find a wife for his son, Isaac, and sends his servant Eliezer to find one among Abraham's kinsmen.

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