Ki Teitzei

When You Go Out (to Battle)

Deuteronomy 21:10–25:19

When Is Ki Teitzei Read?

/ 9 Elul 5783
/ 11 Elul 5784
/ 13 Elul 5785


  • Moses reviews a wide variety of laws regarding family, animals, and property. (21:10–22:12)
  • Various civil and criminal laws are delineated, including those regarding sexual relationships, interaction with non-Israelites, loans, vows, and divorce. (22:13–24:5)
  • Laws of commerce pertaining to loans, fair wages, and proper weights and measures are given. (24:10–25:16)
  • The parashah concludes with the commandment to remember for all time the most heinous act committed against the Israelites—Amalek’s killing of the old, weak, and infirm after the Israelites left Egypt. (25:17–19)

Ten Minutes of Torah: Ki Teitzei Commentary

All The More So

By: Rabbi Jacqueline Mates-Muchin

This week's Torah portion, Ki Teitzei, is chock full of laws that cover all kinds of topics: what to do when your neighbor's ox falls into a pit, who you are allowed to marry, even prohibitions against planting two different kinds of seeds in the same field.

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Video: Learn More About Parashat Ki Teitzei

Video: Learn More About Parashat Ki Teitzei

A mitzvah is a commandment, and this week's parashat is chock full of them - over 70 mitzvahs all told! Enjoy this video and other with Bim Bam.

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